Plans & Pricing


If you have reached this page while trying to select another, it is because you need to first choose the appropriate membership plan for that page AND we need to enter you in the database.

If you are selecting a comic-related page, you first need to be entered into the system as a comic after registering on the site. Next you will need to select a payment plan from the list below.


Note: you can purchase the New Comic Training plan only once. After your first performance, you are considered an alumni comic and need to choose that plan.


Likewise, sponsors need to select the sponsor plan from the list below. Other membership types can skip the remainder of this page.  


STEP 1: Select the Enroll as Member button, select your membership type, and we will flip the right switches in the back office, typically within 24 hours. While you wait, you can proceed right away to:


STEP 2: Pick your payment plan below. (installment plans are available with a small extra fee to cover non-payment contingencies. Contact Us for details)


When choosing a payment plan, you agree to pay the full fee within the time specified,  unless otherwise agreed to by ACT. Your final post-event payment must process successfully prior to receiving access to your post-performance video recording. 


NOTE: If your auto-billing fails to process at anytime, you will be responsible for the outstanding fees plus a $30 NSF fee per failed transaction. 

All comics are required to invite and sell 10 FUNdraising tickets to their friends and family as part of their course commitment.

Did you know you will earn a $5 rebate on each additional ticket you help sell?  Yup - that's right!


Help spread the word on social media or by email to sell 100 more tickets and your course is FREE!

Online broadcasts have a 500 guest limit.

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The following offer applies ONLY to New Comics.

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Applies to New Comic Training 1 only.

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Hurry: Offer Ends 11/06/20!

Applies to New Comic Training 1 only.