Are YOU looking for a UNIQUE FUNdraiser Idea? 

Want to do something different? This is a unique way to FUNdraise for your cause! 

10 Aspiring Comics attending the 3-Day Thrill training class the weekend before the SHOW will FUNdraise AND perform for your CAUSE! 





We support building social communities and successful charitable FUNdraising.


Calling FUNdraising teams!


You can invite your 10 supporters and guests to come on stage for your Cause! 

We will support you in finding these FUN-loving people who will Stand Up and Stand Out for your Cause! We will take you by the hand all the way through.    

These 10 committed people will sell 10 tickets each to their families and close friends. You will have a sold out show to support your Event. The ticket price will be set by your organization to maximize your FUNdraising goal from the ACT Comedy evening. 

During this exclusive event, you can offer your attendees 50/50 tickets, and other in-house FUNding activities. Show sponsors also offer valuable donations that attendees bid on during the open auction. You keep all the proceeds*. All these options can be held during the event to UP your FUNdraising revenue (Note: an AGLC license may be required).  


A Win-Win-Win approach to FUNdraising!


To get started, click the Log In button at the top right corner, select Sign Up to create a FREE membership profile, verify your submission on the auto-generated confirmation email, select FUNdraiser on the associated intake form, and we'll get in touch with you ASAP. If you just have some basic questions to ask first, simply Contact Us for more information.

*A handling fee of 3% plus credit card processing fees will be applied for all donations handled through our on-site provider.

We will take you by the hand and walk you through step-by-step 

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